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At LMS Litigation, first and foremost you can expect excellent legal service. We can assist you with your criminal defense, family law, and child protection matters. Lisa Mae Scruton has experience and is comfortable defending clients in BC Supreme Court, BC Provincial Court, and Traffic Court. 

Criminal Defense

From the moment of your initial arrest and right to counsel, through to bail hearings, first appearances, trials, guilty pleas, and sentencing, LMS Litigation can assist you with every step along the way. Lisa Mae can provide you with the advice, assistance and representation you need to navigate a complex system that may be a very confusing, stressful, and unfamiliar experience for you. From domestic assaults and driving offences to home invasions and armed robberies and everything in between, Lisa has experience and can help you through your charges.


Family Law

Whether you are welcoming a new family member (adoption, cohabitation agreements) or if you are starting down the path of "uncoupling" (separation, divorce) LMS Litigation can assist you with your family law matter. Lisa Mae has experience in both Provincial and Supreme Court for family law matters and can assist you as dedicated counsel for your matter or can also assist with unbundled legal services. Unbundled legal services means providing you with assistance for one limited purpose for your matter and allowing you to represent yourself for the remainder of the matter. See https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/working-with-lawyers/self-representation-and-unbundled-services/ for more information on this option. 

Child Protection

Sometimes the Ministry of Children and Family Development (or another delegated child and family services agent) can become involved in one's family. This intervention is inevitably very stressful to the entire family - for the parents, the children, and extended family. Do you know what your legal rights are if your children are removed from your care? Do you know what your child's legal rights are? Do you know how mediation can help resolve your matter in a way that can best meet your child's needs as well as your own? LMS Litigation can help. LMS Litigation only represents parents in child protection matters - never the MCFD or other delegated agency.